10 things you should avoid when applying make-up!

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    * Always apply face powder after creme. On a dry skin the face powder clogs the pores making them visible. However, on an oily skin powder doesn’t last long.

    * When choosing a nuance, remember that brighter shades are not face-flattering. Bright colors accentuate wrinkles and signs of tiredness.

    * Don’t restrict the foundation application only to the chin area. This will result in an unnatural effect of a mask.

    * Applying eyeliner on the inner rims of the eyes doesn’t make them look bigger. On the contrary - it makes them smaller and less sparkling.

    * The nuance of the pencil used for outlining the lips shouldn’t be darker than the lipstick.

    * Don’t apply shades in a dark nuance on the upper eyelid. Darker shades make the eyes look sunken. To avoid that always apply beige or pink nuances on the upper lid.

    * Don’t choose eye shades on the basis of your eye color. Only contrasting colors accentuate the true nuance of eyes - if you have blue eyes, choose dark brown nuances; green-eyed women should opt for pink shades. Brown and black eyes go best with all violet nuances.

    * Avoid wearing lipstick if you have plum lips.

    * Avoid green shades when your eyes are tired.

    * Green nuances only make signs of tiredness more visible.

    * Beige and peach nuances are your best choice here. If you want to make your eyes appear bigger, apply mascara on the upper eye lashes.

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    Thanks for the info Swiller! ;) Those are very interesting & helpful tips
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    Thanks Swiller..
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    I agree with all of the above...
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    Blush is supposed to look natural, flushed, pretty. Think J.Low. She’s got it down. Apply your blush before ANY other color on your face. If you look like you could throw on lip gloss and mascara and run out the door, you’re good!
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    Hey Interesting tips :)

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