Are Leggings still in?

Discussion in 'Trend Buzz' started by Diorlette, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Diorlette

    Diorlette Member

    So, are leggings still in? It seems live they've been around for a long time now, and seems like there is even more people wearing them.
  2. gabsmom123

    gabsmom123 New Member

    Yes, they are still in and they are also bringing in the liquid leggings as well that sort of resemble leather pants.
  3. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    They're in more then ever. I just purchased a pair of liquid leggings the other day and I love them.
  4. Gabs

    Gabs UltraFashionista

    I'm still with the basic leggings, but yeah...they're definately in
  5. ailleen

    ailleen New Member

    LEggings will always be in because people need it specially when its winter. It's the only way to get classy when the weather is not too fond to be bold with.

    So leggings will definitely always be in.
  6. MalloryFM

    MalloryFM New Member

    ^^ agreed! Love em'
  7. jaykay

    jaykay New Member

    liquid leggings....????
  8. Gabs

    Gabs UltraFashionista

    ^ Like this:

  9. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    Gabs I like the middle ones, do you know the brand?
  10. Jennie1991

    Jennie1991 Banned


    Looks great for teens know. So, no reservations on leggings nor they are outdated.
  11. HeArTsDeZzIrE

    HeArTsDeZzIrE Member

    I have liquid leggings. I love leggings in many different styles. So easy to mix and match with different outfits. So definately, leggings are in! One of my favorite leggings are the lace leggings...
  12. boomer mitra

    boomer mitra New Member

    wow! liquid leggings looks amazing in the attractive..
  13. Bill-lie

    Bill-lie New Member

    Am also loving these denim leggings right here, though these are definitely a trend and will fade out. Black leggings are here to stay no matter what though, they can make any winter outfit perfect.
  14. powvintage

    powvintage New Member

    I still think they're great...

    They're def more common in terms of how many people you see wearing them but I would say they're still in. Im glad because they're so comfy
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  15. sadie

    sadie New Member

    white ones

    are white ones in? sometimes it seems I have to wear white because nothing else will go with the top I'm wearing, I'm curious because I don't see many shops selling white ones
  16. daisyd

    daisyd New Member

  17. sadie

    sadie New Member

    Thanks for your kind reply but if you notice these are all black, I overheard my fashion consious niece saying no no to white leggings, although not an avid fashion follower I still don't want to look naff in white leggings
  18. HeArTsDeZzIrE

    HeArTsDeZzIrE Member

    I don't think leggings will ever go out of style. I was at the mall today and saw so many different styles and patterns. There is too much creativity and so many possibilities with leggings.
  19. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    And they're so comfy too. They're easy to wear and with just the change of your top can transform an entire outfit.
  20. Emily11

    Emily11 New Member

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