Are You A Designer?

Discussion in 'Education & Careers' started by Fashions, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Fashions

    Fashions Member

    I've noticed that quite a few of you here are in some way connected with the Fashion industry. What Do you design?
  2. .gabby.

    .gabby. Member

    im no designer (im not that talented!!) but i did some sketches, which i base my style on.

    anyone else?? considering this post kinda sounds pathetic
  3. craz

    craz Member

    I'd love to see some of your sketches.
  4. ChanelLove

    ChanelLove Member

    Yeah! please post some photos.
  5. Fashions

    Fashions Member

    c'mon gabby post some of your sketches!
  6. anborito

    anborito New Member

    Let us see your sketches !
  7. Juicycouture

    Juicycouture New Member

    No. I am not a designer but a software engineer.
  8. Chloe-esque

    Chloe-esque Member

    What does that exactly entail?
  9. New Member

    My sister was a designer for six years and I've kinda always wanted to be one but she really put me off it. She was always working weekends and extra hours and did basically all of the work, she got a really bad rash from stress that can make you really ill so I was like "•••• I'm not doing that".
    Can anyone tell me I'm wrong here? I still want to go on and do fashion.
  10. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    I'd say go for it. There are many different types of work you can do as a designer. You can work for a fashion house or simply create your own label. The latter will give you more flexibility, and power.
  11. KristinKouture

    KristinKouture New Member

  12. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    What do you design?
  13. jspavert

    jspavert New Member

    I'm a fashion design student, what means... im learning for being a fashion designer/stylist.
  14. Smoochy

    Smoochy New Member

    I'm currently working on becoming one. I haven't gone to school for design what so ever, but it's a passion of mine.

    I'm actually hoping to start my own brand here in the next few months. Just need to save up a bit first.
  15. Payson

    Payson New Member

    Nope but I am looking to get started as one!
  16. juwelmiya12

    juwelmiya12 New Member

    I am a graphic designer . I can design about fashion
  17. neil123

    neil123 New Member

    i am not a designer.
  18. neil123

    neil123 New Member

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  19. missfashionlover

    missfashionlover New Member

    I design dresses, mostly. I also love to take designs from other popular designers, I re-sketch it, with my own changes to it! :)
    I also love to do make up! I love making art, of all kind !

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