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Discussion in 'Trend Buzz' started by UltraStyle, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    okay, so I know they have been back a few times already since the 60's but are they back again? and with the Boho style being in I can only assume that the Bell Bottoms are the next thing that will hit the shelves.

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  2. craz

    craz Member

    please tell me that not true. I find bell bottoms to be the most unflattering jeans on a woman.
  3. HeArTsDeZzIrE

    HeArTsDeZzIrE Member

    That would be cool if they come back. I had a few bell bottoms, especially 1 light blue one that I used to love. I love the look of it, when it's tight on the top and loosens. So pretty.
  4. SaraM

    SaraM New Member

    I have to admit, i'd be thrilled if they did come back. I think they look really nice, and sorry to disagree,:eek: but I find them quite flattering also.
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  5. phoenix06007

    phoenix06007 Guest

    this trend had a come back? no doubt, there are other trend form the past decades that came back too.
  6. greenpsycho

    greenpsycho Member

    That's a good news for some I think, I don't like much bell bottoms, more on tight jeans ;)
  7. Gregdill

    Gregdill Banned

    Wow , very nice. I really like very much bell bottom jeans. Mostly i wear bell bottom type of jeans.
  8. Shuzz

    Shuzz Member

    I remember them being very hot in the early 90's. I don't remember the late 90's. I actually wore them in 1993, people were looking at me as this was the first time they were back since I think the 60's/70's, and many of them haven't seen bell bottoms since then.
  9. Firenze54

    Firenze54 New Member

    You obviously were not alive during the 70's child...
  10. craz

    craz Member

    I was born in 1972 so yeah, I was alive during the 70's and still find them unflattering.Just something is "in" doesn't mean it's flattering.
  11. ailleen

    ailleen New Member

    hhhhmmm!!!! got to dig my antiques again.. :D
  12. Nowadays vintage styles are very fashionable. Then there is a chance for a comeback of bell bottoms.
  13. keynes

    keynes New Member

    there are other trend form the past decades

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