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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Smallwigs, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Smallwigs

    Smallwigs New Member

    hi, everybody, Im 24 years old and new member, my hair is naturally curly, but I dont like it , I mean i hate it , also, I figure that I would look better with staight hair, but Idont wanna damage my hair with any hair products that would do harm to my hair, so Im deciding on whether to use wigs, any suggetins? thx
  2. felicia209

    felicia209 New Member

    go to a hair salon and make hairdresser straight hair for you. note: tell hairdress to use high level products which will give your hair less harm;

    buy a straight lace wig for yourslef. believe you will be satisfied with it. most of lace wigs are made of india remy hair, so they look very natural, soft and shiny.
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  3. Weavewhisperer

    Weavewhisperer New Member

    You should learn to LOVE your curly hair! You'll have it for the rest of your life after all.

    If you straighten it, make sure you hair is moisturized and once you style your hair (straighten it) you don't keep going over and over it again with flat irons and blowdryers.

    The reason you might hate your hair could be b/c your using the wrong products on it. How curly is your hiar??

    I do ALL types of curly hair tutorials on Youtube. My name is:TheWeaveWhisperer

  4. ntrll9875

    ntrll9875 Banned

    Straightening naturally curly hair (or any hair for that matter) is super unhealthy for it. It damages the hair, breaks it, dries it out, and a whole list of other nasty side effects.

    I would strongly recommend going to the salon... better to be a little embarrassed than bald, right? I'm sure they have seen worse. Besides being able to give your hair a healthy and much-needed trim, they will have top of the line products for repairing damaged hair.
  5. adeelayub

    adeelayub New Member

    yes you have to go in a good hair salon and tell them your problem and i hope they will solve your hair problem
  6. alysdare

    alysdare New Member

    I also don't like curly hairstyles.You should consult any hair expert about that.
  7. neil123

    neil123 New Member

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  8. neil123

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  9. Donal

    Donal New Member

    I think you can have beautiful cuts on your curly hairs. Many people die for those hair styles. I think you should love your hairs...
  10. alena

    alena New Member

    Hi you can use clip in hair extensions if you don't want to damage your hair. These hair extensions are easy to use and are available in different lengths according to your hair types.
  11. missfashionlover

    missfashionlover New Member

    Welllllll, I have the most curly hair you could imagine, and I've found macadamia oil deep repair masque makes my hair soft, shiny, tangle-free, and grows faster! Also, I love beyond the zone Noodle Head leave in conditioner makes my hair wonderful, keeps my curls perfect, frizz-less and manageable. Also, I've learned to never, EVER use shampoo, or conditioner with sulfate, it strips curly hair of it's natural oils and damages hair in the long run. Never brush your hair, with a comb, brush, doesn't matter, just untangle with your fingers. Let your hair air dry, never towl dry your hair. TRUST ME, I've tried so so so many products before, and these will make you LOVE your curls! Please don't give up on our locks! We're a rare breed girlfriend! :)
  12. Cathe2525

    Cathe2525 New Member

    Top 05 home remedies for managing curly hair

    * Apple Cider Vinegar
    * Beer
    * Hot Oil Massage
    * Eggs
    * Avocado
    * Fenugreek Seeds
  13. paulwestwod

    paulwestwod New Member


    I Hope naturally your hair looks curly, beauty doesn't come from look and feel, it comes from the character.

    Don't use any chemicals or heat to straighten your hair

    Some natural remedies which I know,
    • Brush wet hair until it dries
    • Roll your hair
    • Twist hair into a bun - Make a ponytail of damp hair and twist like a rope. To make a bun wrap around itself, and as-usual secure with elastic. Once it dried then brush it out
    • Wrap wet hair tightly
    • Use overnight hair hands - divide your hair into 2 low ponytails. Then fasten it with soft hair elastic, in order to hold it together - add additional elastic. Make sure elastic are loose enough. Go and sleep well. Morning you will find the difference
    • natural straightening mask - mix a cup of whole milk with 1 tbsp of honey, apply in your hair and scalp, just leave it for one hour and wash it
    Hope this helps.

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