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Discussion in 'Hair' started by arok, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. arok

    arok Member

    Is there a trick to cutting your hair (bangs,etc.) and making it look good, has anyone ever tried it at home?
  2. Suzy

    Suzy Member

    I do cut my own hair sometimes. I visit a hairdresser about 4 times a year, in between I do the maintainance myself. It really depends on the look you want. I myself like to experiment (variations on long straight hair) but when something goes wrong it doesn't bother me very much. If you want perfection, visit a hairdresser!

    * use a huge mirror and make sure there's enough light
    * buy proper scissors. Yes, those are expensive, but using bad scissors means you ruin your hair
    * Ask someone else to do the back if you want it to be straight
    * There are tons of sites on the web about hair styling:

    hair cutting DIY: How to Cut Hair - Haircutting Instructions - Cut Hair at Home
    How To Cut Your Own Hair | How To Do

    Good luck!

    (makes me realise I have to cut mine, too!)
  3. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    Suzy-Thanks for the great tips! Makes alot of sense.
  4. LizShow

    LizShow New Member

    I started doing my own hair after a few bad perms. I would suggest you buy a good pair of shears. If you just want a blunt cut, comb your hair back into a ponytail and band it. You can cut straight across with the shears.
  5. kristah

    kristah New Member

    I do know of a tip when cutting your own bangs. Do not wet your hair when doing so because it might turn out shorter than the length you would have wanted. Cut your bangs while its dry so you'll know just how much you want to cut. Good luck!:)
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  6. Diorlette

    Diorlette Member

    That's a good tip. your hair always seems longer when wet. and you have to be extra careful when cutting your own bangs!!!
  7. ellachun

    ellachun Guest

    I am fear of cutting my own hair. I tried once and it went bad. I immediately went to our nearest salon to fix it. lol.
  8. Isil

    Isil New Member

    I have been cutting my own hair for a while, actually just trimming because if I wanted a stylish cut then I would go to a salon.

    As mentioned above, sharp scissors are a must. All types will work, but the shaprest will lessen the risk of snagging the hair and causing split ends.

    I do the ponytail trick at the nape of the neck, then carefully pull the band down to the end and snip off about an inch of the hair. I found this method from researching on the net the most successful ways to self trim. At first I didn't think it would work, but tried it anyway and am really happy with the results. I have fine, straight hair that can't hide a wonky cut.
  9. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    Do you have straight or curly hair? I imagine it may be easier with curly hair?
  10. Isil

    Isil New Member

    Hi Daisy. My hair is fine and straight, which will show up any mistake so i was nervous when I fist attempted self-trims, but it's actually quite easy. I should mention that I have to tilt my head forward so it doesn't go into an inverted 'U' shape.

    Also, in answer to the original question about a trick to cutting bangs etc, I found a good link for making side-swept bangs that people might be interested in. I'm hoping there is no problem pasting a link here.
  11. Shuzz

    Shuzz Member

    I like the video, it's very informative thanks
  12. Life Journey

    Life Journey Member

    Anything to do with hair, i go to a hair saloon and i advise you also do to that, as professionals can handle it with precision.
  13. stuartrei

    stuartrei New Member

    If your cutting a fringe never cut straight accross because if you make a mistake you can really me i learnt out the hard way!
  14. felicia209

    felicia209 New Member

    of course you can if you have experience.
    but cutting hair at home is not such beautiful as that in hairshop.
  15. knight06

    knight06 New Member

    i never tried at home, maybe i will try it.
  16. kenethserian

    kenethserian New Member

    To cut your hair you must has to be take care of your health and to take care of what is the best way to reduce hair falling, i think the use of coconut oil is one of the best way and helps you to give shine to your hairs.
  17. bettyjmaar

    bettyjmaar New Member

    I want some good tips on hair cuts.
  18. BrainofJen

    BrainofJen New Member

    Me too. I have really long, really thick wavy hair. Looking for something low maintenance & versatile. I've been searching around on Google, maybe I'm just using the wrong search terms, but I'm not finding anything useful.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  19. janemode

    janemode New Member

    Thank you suzy
  20. Cathe2525

    Cathe2525 New Member

    I don't have such experience on this, better I go with nearest shop.

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