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Discussion in 'Trend Buzz' started by chicfashionnews, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. chicfashionnews

    chicfashionnews New Member

    from what I seen at the Magic Show here in Vegas there will be alot of tattered and distructed denim in 2011. Personally Denim is my fav, a timeless classic. Comfortable, durable and like a old VW bug versatile
  2. ava53

    ava53 New Member

    I agree, denim always works!
  3. Spirale Rouge

    Spirale Rouge New Member

    Me too Denim is my fav ! I think Denims are immortals !!
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  4. rarekgnt

    rarekgnt New Member

    to me. classic will be trend in the future.
    what is fashion?
    fashion is repeating over and over again with improvement.
  5. Spirale Rouge

    Spirale Rouge New Member

    Not always with improvement !! Fashion is made by artists, it's a question of creativity but most of all a question of soul.
    We try to be creative :
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  6. nikkita

    nikkita New Member

    I agree . I still go with Denim :)
  7. Shelia

    Shelia New Member

    Yeah, the Denim will not outdate. And they have good quality.
  8. Tomp88885

    Tomp88885 New Member

    I agree
  9. trendyeveyrthing

    trendyeveyrthing New Member

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  10. trendyeveyrthing

    trendyeveyrthing New Member

    do you have anymore nformation about the LV magic show?

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