Discussion in 'Hair' started by JOSELLACACI, Jul 20, 2011.


    JOSELLACACI New Member

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  2. Léon

    Léon New Member

    I like fringes but I don't know if they will come back in soon :/
  3. stuartrei

    stuartrei New Member

    I love my fringe :) They're bound to make a comeback...
  4. sahar_baig

    sahar_baig New Member

    agreed with stuartrei
  5. felicia209

    felicia209 New Member

    I have just cut my fringe, and it looks odd. I 'm upset and regret that the hair dresser make such ugly fringe for me. :(
  6. jade60

    jade60 New Member

    i love my fringe !
  7. bettyjmaar

    bettyjmaar New Member

    I love my fringe too.

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