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Discussion in 'Hair' started by HeArTsDeZzIrE, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. HeArTsDeZzIrE

    HeArTsDeZzIrE Member

    Have any of you tried the Japanese permanent hair straightening or the new thing now "Brazilian Blowout"?

    I have frizzy curly hair that i'm just tired of straightening, plus it damages my hair from using blow dryers and hot irons. So i'm considering a brazilian blowout. It's not permanent and it leaves the hair super silky for a few months.

    so anybody had the treatment done?
  2. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    Have you ever tried this product?
    My hair is just frizzy and it's great.
    I put it on wet hair and blow dry and it looks like I have straightened my hair with a flat iron.
  3. bestlasikeye

    bestlasikeye New Member

    I also user ti everyday,It is very good:dance:
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  4. bos2012

    bos2012 New Member

    i used it before, i really like using it
  5. felicia209

    felicia209 New Member

    the coconut oil is help to frizzy hair.
    my mom always uses it, and the hair looks shiny, healthy and slippry.
  6. knight06

    knight06 New Member

    i like it, i used it before.
  7. knight06

    knight06 New Member

    how to buy this product?
  8. ZoriWser

    ZoriWser New Member

    Yes i am agree that there is nothing about hairs... But i don't think so you have to need to get back your natural curl back. Do not use hair straighter you will have your curl back after one or two months.

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  9. wigscare

    wigscare New Member

    It is a process by which the hair is being done straight by the use of straightening cream as well as a straightener. Hair spa is necessary to maintain a good shiny hair for a longer time.
  10. alysdare

    alysdare New Member

    No .I Have not used it before.What is your experience about it ?Please tell me about this.

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