How do you rest/relax?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Wellbeing' started by shoeprincess, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Life Journey

    Life Journey Member

    I prefer going to the seaside, getting fresh air, have a good swim. This gives me great peace of mind! And also prayer helps a lot for relaxation.
  2. HeArTsDeZzIrE

    HeArTsDeZzIrE Member

    I have been doing that lately. Not the candles but I love taking a long shower and just getting out and laying on my bed with the windows open and the breeze coming in. Pure tranquility!!
  3. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    I know i love the breeze coming in especially when it's not too cold or hot outside.
  4. illeszt_chick

    illeszt_chick New Member

    pray and exercise
  5. Spirale Rouge

    Spirale Rouge New Member

    The best way to get relaxed for me is to go to the gym. After two hours of cardio, I feel very good.
  6. maddie29

    maddie29 Member

    My way of relaxing is a full body massage, or a spa, or for some reason I find it relaxing when I go to the gym and work out since I want my upper body to be a bit stronger than it is.

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  7. kevinjones23

    kevinjones23 New Member

    I do Yoga every morning. It helps be to feel good and stay relaxed throughout the day.
  8. Sunitasharma

    Sunitasharma New Member

    I do meditation to get relaxed
  9. maxadam

    maxadam New Member

    I take break from my work and visit a green and silence place so i can refresh my self. I like silence place a lot.
  10. Cathe2525

    Cathe2525 New Member

    Talk with friends and family, visit to gym. Have a coffee alone at street shop. Hearing melody songs. feeling Nice :)
  11. paulwestwod

    paulwestwod New Member


    Just speak to everyone in your family, spent sometime by going out, do what you like, soak in a warm bath, listen to soothing music. You wont' get today! Just enjoy the day.
  12. Emma Moore

    Emma Moore New Member

    Sleep, massage and yoga works well for me in my :)ME TIME.. :)

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