How do you store your shoes?

Discussion in 'Shoes' started by Chloe-esque, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Chloe-esque

    Chloe-esque Member

    I keep mine in boxes on the bottom of my closet.
  2. Shuzz

    Shuzz Member

    Displayed on shelves in my shoe closet.
  3. almighty369

    almighty369 New Member

    I store my shoes in the shoe rack in my room.
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  4. jovial saja

    jovial saja New Member

    of coures in shoe rack
  5. A shoe rack placed on a cute and inexpensive rug solve my problem.
  6. letlet08

    letlet08 New Member

    Same here, displayed on shelves in my shoe closet.
  7. marisaac

    marisaac New Member

    for my favorite shoes, I keep their original box so the are stored safely but my After Flats - rollable flat shoes have their own clutch!
  8. isseyjay

    isseyjay Member

    I keep my shoes on a shoe rack that slides out of my's the best part of my closet :)
  9. stuartrei

    stuartrei New Member

    I just line mine up at the bottom of my wardrobe. I have a very long wardrobe so they all fit nicely :)
  10. Grumpy69

    Grumpy69 New Member

    Shoe Rack. Otherwise they just don't last.
  11. maddie29

    maddie29 Member

    I keep mine on a wooden shoe rack. Boxes are just messy.

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  12. HeArTsDeZzIrE

    HeArTsDeZzIrE Member

    I have it all in boxes under my clothes all nicely lined up. I put 1 pair on top of the box to know which shoe is inside lol
  13. Owen

    Owen New Member

    Shoe closet
  14. xtearxdropzzx

    xtearxdropzzx New Member

    In a make shift jacket and shoe room...that also has my piano and other storage stuff..
  15. maddie29

    maddie29 Member

    I always put them back in the box to keep it dust free and away from pests inside the closet.

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  16. sanbr

    sanbr New Member

    I store them in their original boxes - it's a way to know which shoes is in which box
  17. hellopandaluv

    hellopandaluv New Member

    I have a shoe rack in my closet but I also have a storage system on the back of one of my bedroom doors as there's no way near enough space in my wardrobe for all my shoes.
  18. Cathe2525

    Cathe2525 New Member

    keep it as in shoe rack but some time I wasn't care simply dropped based on the situation and my mindset.

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