How much do you pay for a hair cut?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by UltraStyle, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    How much do you pay for a hair cut?
    i pay $100 + tip
  2. Fashions

    Fashions Member

    Yeah I'm about the same^
  3. arok

    arok Member

    About $60,and I think that's more than enough.
  4. binz

    binz Member

    $50 is enough... lol
  5. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    Now I pay 81 + tip.New Salon!
  6. .gabby.

    .gabby. Member

    just a haircut i pay like 75 but i usually get my hair dyed or highlighted too so with that its like 150+tip
  7. spiced-rum

    spiced-rum New Member

    I pay £45... I have short hair, so I'd rather go somewhere where I can pay a bit more, but absolutely love what they do.

    Rather than pay £20 and go home crying!
  8. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, I never save on my haircuts!!!!
  9. Magster

    Magster Member

    The best haircut I ever got was a spur of the moment galleria chop for £12. Other than that, I average about $100+ tip for cut & highlights.
  10. Suzy

    Suzy Member

    Around $30. My haircut is not very difficult, it's basically just long and straight. I spend a lot more on hair care.

    I do want to change my hair style, but I'm not sure what else I want. I haven't found a hairdresser yet who understands what I want. They all tell me I should get short hair - I did, once, and even though it looked nice I didn't like it. It doesn't fit my personality. I love my long hair!
  11. bibigandanghari

    bibigandanghari New Member

    aw! in the Philippines only $1-$2 for the male, for the female around $3
  12. Isil

    Isil New Member

    I used to pay around €100 for a trim and highlights. It would drive me crazy that my fine hair that takes about 2 minutes to cut, would cost the same as someone with super thick unruly curls that would take over an hour to tame. I had so many bad and expensive haircuts that I decided to teach myself. Now I pay nothing (unless I make a mistake)
  13. HeArTsDeZzIrE

    HeArTsDeZzIrE Member

    I totally agree. Anytime I go into a salon, it ends up costing me $150 plus. So you cut your own hair now?
  14. Isil

    Isil New Member

    Yes, actually its more of a trim because I'm not double-jointed enough to actually do any type of stylish cutting. With a self trim I manage to get it reasonably straight, except for one minor slip that I had to go to the salon to have fixed.
  15. Life Journey

    Life Journey Member

    I pay around $600. Surely great service and nothing to regret in that :)
  16. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    lately I've been paying around $50 and I have been very happy.
  17. bos2012

    bos2012 New Member

    2$ in our city
  18. stuartrei

    stuartrei New Member

    I pay about £50. It's definately worth spending money on your hair and being happy with it :)
  19. rahul_veneton

    rahul_veneton New Member

    I pay minimum 100 for hair cut.
  20. ntrll9875

    ntrll9875 Banned

    i love my hair. :p i dont want to cut it ever in my life :liar:

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