Nape Rape

Discussion in 'Trend Buzz' started by Calipz, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Calipz

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    Have you suffered from Nape Rape? Ya know, the moment when you realize the hair at the nape of your neck has your necklace clasp in a choke hold? Well I dont know about you but this INFURIATES me! It's taken me two years but I've finally developed a functional discreet product to eliminate nape rape! Calipz are available on IndieGoGo dot com or search Calipz on any search engine. Any feedback is much appreciated!
  2. phyl6058

    phyl6058 Banned

    Its sound is good I will try this. This posting is marvelous and what a fantastic research that you have done.
  3. lustyfashion

    lustyfashion New Member

    I haven't faced any challenge like you had. I will definitely try out the product that you have mentioned here.

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