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Discussion in 'Trend Buzz' started by RandalWave, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. RandalWave

    RandalWave New Member

    I am going to purchase some new jeans soon.

    Trying to figure out what the trend is going to be later in the year. I do not want to regret my purchase.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. la beauté

    la beauté Member

    You'll never regret your choice if you like something. I mean it doesn't matter what is "en vogue" it does matter if you feel well in the jeans. I think the jeans will be more colored in summer, although it is not real jean then...
  3. Nothing to regret, if you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.
  4. cindy29

    cindy29 New Member

    Jeans main is comfortable then style, of course, if you are rich can buy famous brand.
  5. nikkita

    nikkita New Member

    Jeans go with just about everything and can be worn on just about any occasion and after all your hard work in the gym you should be able to show it all off in something other than gym tights. Great tips ")
  6. Shelia

    Shelia New Member

    We are always on the changes, including what we like. There are always new things occur, including jeans. You can chose the best quality but not the most fashion one.
  7. Tomp88885

    Tomp88885 New Member

    Dont regret your purcheses in future you know what i found a great page where you can upload your desire clothes and ask what is better on you or aks to vote for the best cloths visit quickchoice.com
  8. maddie29

    maddie29 Member

    It depends on what actually looks good on you. I think the recent trend is still on the straight cut but don't limit yourself.

    Check out what's hot in Australian winter fashion!
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