Simple Six Steps to Pick Right Salwar Kameez

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    A standout amongst the most popular Indian Ethnic Wear after Saree is Salwar Kameez. Salwar suits is the traditional wear for ladies in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh currently salwar suits spread across all the states of India due to its designs and comfortable.


    Look for The Length:
    The length of the Kameez (tunic/top) must be satisfactory. Long length kameez do look great and beautiful, however not with salwars like afghani, patiala and ordinary salwar. For a long kameez, you'll require salwars like palazzos, pant style and parallels. Keep in mind that the right length of the kameez is simply beneath the knees, so in case you don't know what length of kameez will be great, simply go for this choice.


    Length of Salwar Sleeves: While long sleeves are trendy nowadays. Never go for sleeveless Kameez if your arms are bulky. Full length sleeves would truly enable you to make those heavy arms to look somewhat slim and good. If your arms are thin, You are lucky you can go with new designs like frilled and flower design.

    Picking Right Color: Dark colors like maroon, blue and green enable you to look slimmer and smart. Don’t pick extra dark colors. Pastel colors like peach, water and delicate green look truly pacifying on thin ladies.


    Choose the Right Style: There are various styles and patterns available in Salwar Kameez available these days like A shaped suits, Mastani, Balloon Asymmetrical, Chinese and so on. Choose the right one that would pass by your body sort. What's stylish won't not influence you to look great. In this way, pause for a minute and dissect what's beneficial for you and so forth.

    Match your Skin Tone:
    It's not clever to wear colors that don't supplement your skin. Bright shades look stunning on ladies with fair appearance however they may not look that incredible on a lady with dusky complexion. Also, dull colors on a fair appearance wouldn't give a beautiful effect. Thus, think and after that choose.

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