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Discussion in 'Fitness & Wellbeing' started by Clayton, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

    Do not smoke your health away. Nicotine pathces, gums or inhalers might work for some individuals, or other methods, from hypnosis to acupuncture. More you are to smoke, more likely your are to develop cancer or heart disease.
  2. Aryan8100

    Aryan8100 Guest

    Quit the smoking,totally depends on the intention of a person.I read out your interesting and informative post.I'm totally agree with your points stated into the post.
  3. Howard

    Howard New Member

    HI dear,

    Smoking is very harmful for our health.
    It causes heart problem, lung, liver, and skin cancer.
    So because of these side effects of smoking we must try our best for quitting the smoking.
  4. xiaomayi123

    xiaomayi123 New Member

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  5. katnissfanz

    katnissfanz New Member

    Second hand smoke is the most dangerous!
  6. kenethserian

    kenethserian New Member

    Smoking is not good for health these may cause of various of diseases for you, smoking ruins several of peoples lives and it is not really good for health buddy. Smoking cause of cancer and heart problems for you. Your mouth like burnt or something like bad eating.Orange County Boot Camp
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  7. maddie29

    maddie29 Member

    Smoking should affect your bod weight and skin texture. When we stop smoking, it could be a huge factor for our fitness and health as well.

    This is how to become a personal trainer.
  8. kevinjones23

    kevinjones23 New Member

    Although it is absolutely necessary to quit smoking, it is not an easy task. You need to stay motivated and keep reminding yourself about the health benefits of quitting smoking. The support of your loved ones can be of food help too.
  9. poul

    poul New Member

    This is too difficult to stop and i think drink juices and do exercise and wash your teeth two time in a day.
  10. marieballu

    marieballu New Member

    Smoking hazards, a curse

    Smoking is a habit where very few people able to quit.
    People start smoking as a show off or for style but slowly that converts into a habit which is very difficult to take off.
  11. sajjad7006

    sajjad7006 New Member

    Its too difficult dear I can't stop smoking.
  12. Cathe2525

    Cathe2525 New Member

    If you can't find the solution to stop smoking then you have chosen the way to find the hell soon. :eek:
  13. Ritu Parkar

    Ritu Parkar New Member

    hello friend,
    If you want to quit smoking it's good step you are taking towards the healthy and happy life.Smoking is one of the most harmful habit that affect your body in really bad manner it causes different types of Cancer , heart diseases, lung diseases and meany more.
    know more about smoking effect on health in detail and it will helps you to quit this bad habit.
    Al the best !
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  14. David William

    David William New Member

    Due to Regular Smoking Men's are affects many kinds of different diseases or same as women's to if ladies are smoke so pregnancy and more kinds of health care issues occurs. If you want to get healthy and safe or enjoyable life so quite smoking because if men's are too much smoking so they faces Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and many more so Quite Smoking and Enjoy your life.
  15. Emma Moore

    Emma Moore New Member

    I know it's easier said than done but, take it one step at a time! Eventually, you'll gonna reach your goal! Smoking can kill you and the people around you, who can experience second hand smoking.

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