Vera Wang 2011 Wedding Dress Trend---from NewYork City

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    Lately, Vera Wang released her 2011 spring and summer wedding dress trend in New York.

    Media report said, the whole show presented a graceful and dreamy atmosphere, and under the shape of comfortable chiffon, silk and satin fabric, the designs of flower, cascading, crease and long tail, the additions of white, gray, purple and naked colors, all of them emphasized the consistent style of Vera Wang---- romantic, luxury and elegance

    Let's take a quick view of it!~



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  3. Gabs

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    Very you girls know the name of that wedding dress store that appears on TLC for the show Say YES to the Dress?
  4. HeArTsDeZzIrE

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    Gabs it's 'Kleinfelds'

    I would totally wear the 1st gown. Vera Wang was on Oprah the other day, and she announced that she is taking out a line for David's Bridal that will range in price from $600-$1600. Very affordable, although, I'm not sure what kind of materials would be used. The price sounds too low.
  5. UltraStyle

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    that does sound low for a high end designer. Do you know when she's launching the line?
  6. HeArTsDeZzIrE

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    "The line will hit David's Bridal stores next spring, beginning with a collection of twenty wedding dresses, with bridesmaids dresses to follow, and possibly children's wedding attire after that. Gowns will range from $600 to $1,500, with most coming in under $1,200. Wang's regular bridal line ranges from about $4,000 to upwards of $25,000."

    "The full collection will be available at David's Bridal stores in February 2011, but a preview of the stunning gowns is available at the Oprah website."

    source:Vera Wang to Design a Line for David’s Bridal -- The Cut
    source:Vera Wang's new line for David's Bridal - National Bridal Fashion |
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    Love Vera Wang. Did you know that she is actually 60 years old? For a 60 year old, she looks mighty great!! (-:

    I am a fan of hers!
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    Cool dressing

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