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    source: sybarites

    Prada and Chanel have made ski’s for this season but Versace have made a snowboard. The snowboard is matte black and features the Versace signature Greek Key motif. Versace also make snowboarding boots, gloves and a helmet all of which match. The snowboard and accessories are available in Versace stores close to ski resorts worldwide.

    PROXUS UltraMod

    Looks like Versace is styling everything these days :D
    I just wonder what the price difference is between these and regular board, and what parameters are.

    Personally I would stick to my superlite Burton T6.
    Well it is not designer board but it is Bentley in it's class :D

  3. UltraStyle

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    I'm not crazy about it. The pattern gives it an old look.
  4. Stylex

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    You can't go more classier than ancient Greece :D
  5. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

    still doesn't convince me
  6. Gabs

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    It's not bad...but coming from Versace I would have expected tons of color!
  7. UltraStyle

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    it's a bit dull
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    I wouldn't buy a Versace board. I would stick to a well-known snowboard brand. What gives Versace any credit in snow board design?
  9. hellopandaluv

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    I'm a keen snowboarder and I appreciate that Versace is branching out and offering stylish equipment for snowboarders but I'm not a fan of that particular board. The color scheme is a little dark and I admit I prefer "girlier" snowboards. It would be neat if Chanel branched out and created equipment for snowboarders as they already cater to skiers.
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