what can I do except re-dying?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Novia, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Novia

    Novia New Member

    I'm desperate to dye my hair right now but Cupcake Pink is sold out.
    The top half of my hair is a light peach, the bottom is a darker pink and my roots have come through a lot, now my hair is just a mess. Yet i'll attend an important party in two weeks, I wanna be beautiful. what can I do except re-dying hair?
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  2. felicia209

    felicia209 New Member

    it's really a mess.
    I know it's werid that the hair color is different from root and end.
    you can take account to using lace wigs for help, since you don't wanna redye.
    Wish you enjoy a good party.
  3. Novia

    Novia New Member

    maybe it's a good idea. But i haven't worn lace wigs before, i have no idea how to handle it if i buy one? easy or hard?
  4. bettyjmaar

    bettyjmaar New Member

    Dying is not good always, hair may really be dying.

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