What combination of colors should I use to decorate my home?

Discussion in 'Decorating' started by greenpearl92, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. greenpearl92

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    I plan on decorating my apt. soon with dark oak mission furniture, along with accent pieces like lamps, shelves, and picture frames in espresso.... but I don't just wanna limit myself to those colors. I'd like to add a little touch of ivory or bone white to my decor but don't know how to work with them. Do these colors go well with dark oak and espresso? And are there any other colors that I should consider using? I'm trying to give my place a warm cozy look, but I need some ideas.
  2. You can get so many good ideas from online websites!!!
  3. Donal

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    I think it depends upon the rooms and walls. If i was at your home then i would have suggest better but now it will not be fair to just guess the colors..
  4. Donal

    Donal New Member

    I think you should go for some light colors. light colors gives your home a happy environment. If you are planning for coloring your home than you can also try different colors for different walls. If you want to paint you kid room then you can paint 3 wally by orange color and one wall with sky color. It will be a great combination
  5. Cathe2525

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    Plz check the below colors along with explanation for your sweat HOME

    Orange: Expands your thinking
    Deep blue: Encourages Efficiency
    Green: Increases wealth
    Light purple: Enhances spirituality
    Light blue: Gives a sense of peace
    Bright red: Fortifies you
    Yellow: increase your focus
    Pink: opens the heart
    Deep red: inspires passion
    Aqua: Inspires trust

    I hope you would have enjoy with this :)

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