What to wear on an Airplane

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  1. hayleyfashion101

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    Since an airplane flight takes long hours you should wear comfortable and light outfit. Wearing high-heeled footwear is a big no-no! You will be walking distances through the airport, a flat shoes or snickers will do. For the accessories, I recommend a cardigan sweater and a lightweight scarf. Wear cotton shirts and skinny jeans to feel comfortable.
  2. leoten

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    no heels
  3. bagslover

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    just avoid heavy metals like Silver belt buckles, oversize earrings, loose change, watches, and heavy chain-link necklacesfor these items can trigger a metal detector alarm. Then, wear slip-on shoes. For top, ideally you can wear a sweater, jacket with pockets, pashmina, or hoodie over a pretty cami, tank, or shell for female and a nice T-shirt and hoodie or jacket for male.
  4. maddie29

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    On long flights, you should wear comfortable clothing. If your feet swell like mine do you may want to wear some rubber shoes for a while then change to flip flops.

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    I used to wear jeans and boots on an airplane and feel heavy and stiff after landing,especially when I found out the jeans trousers are messed up inside the boots. But then I bought a pair of BOOTSTROOT on bootstroot.com and no messing up no more....next time wear BOOTSTROOT and Parachute on board.
  6. maddie29

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    Basically whatever is comfortable for you should be worn.

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  8. Amanda1017

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    maxi dress and GIANT sunglasses haha...or just a simple outfit brought together with some jewelry
  9. maddie29

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    When traveling, you must always consider wearing the appropriate and the comfortable clothes you have since you will be seated for hours.

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  10. Krestin Andrews

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    A comfy tank maxi dress, it is a perfect base for a long-haul flight.
  11. Emma Moore

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    I must say that always try to wear your heaviest or bulkiest shoes on the plane; it may be your boots. You can always slip them off and put on a pair of cozy socks for the duration of the flight. Find out some of the top-flight essentials for a long-haul trip!

    Also, I have here on my list of most Comfortable Clothes I Wear to the Airport:
    • Loose Sweater
    • Oversize Scarf
    • Worn-In Denim
    • Cozy Outerwear
    • Graphic T-Shirt
    • Flat Leather Boots
    • Black Skinny Jeans
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