What's the last gift you received?

Discussion in 'Lets Talk About.....' started by shoeprincess, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. la beauté

    la beauté Member

    How lucky you are...I mean if that was an ordinary present what will he give you on Valentine's Day?!
  2. Gabs

    Gabs UltraFashionista

    :) It wasn't an ordinary present, it was for Christmas.
  3. la beauté

    la beauté Member

    I got a red rose today...
  4. garagedoors

    garagedoors New Member


    I dont know what a gift i received.......
  5. jesmiller

    jesmiller New Member

  6. nikkita

    nikkita New Member

    Ive got a BB phone kit from me best friend pokk :p
  7. alena

    alena New Member

    The last gift I had received is a teddy bear from my friend.. :)
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  8. Cathe2525

    Cathe2525 New Member

    Nothing sad

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