What's your next purchase (clothes)

Discussion in 'Personal Style' started by UltraStyle, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. UltraStyle

    UltraStyle Administrator Staff Member

  2. bibigandanghari

    bibigandanghari New Member

    I'm planning to buy a Lo-Straight LEE pants colored in gray/black
  3. yrockinroll

    yrockinroll Member

    i want to buy a fendi black bag.
  4. Kate.GS

    Kate.GS New Member

    a black dress for a party
  5. fashion_icon

    fashion_icon Guest

    a swimdress for our company outing..
  6. Liam_680

    Liam_680 New Member

    I need a black boots as well and a new pair of flip flops :)
  7. kaye

    kaye New Member

    latest oakley glasses :)
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  8. justmemaia

    justmemaia New Member

    some lingerie
  9. Now it is summer. Definitely I will go for a pair of sunglasses.
  10. mehamgul101

    mehamgul101 New Member

    well i want a brand new jeans for myself
  11. Olivia Harris

    Olivia Harris New Member

    I need to buy a few pairs jeans
  12. Acera Harris

    Acera Harris New Member

    I need to buy a few pairs shorts

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